About Us


Excel Heights was conceived out of the thought that a good neighborhood was as necessary as a one-of-a-kind home. We desired a community, a safe one, perfect for our kids and be large enough to have a good social life outside the four walls of our individual homes. With this in mind, we searched high and low for someone who would not only understand our needs but believe in them as we did, a person with experience building and ideating communities and homes that are one of a kind. It was thus we met Mr. Mathew Varghese, the director of the reputed architects & builders Good Earth for the development of this property, thus ensuring our confidence in experienced hands with both architectural and constructional abilities.

Know more about Good Earth Builders

One of the pioneer initiators of Good Earth, Mr Mathew Varghese is presently the director and chief innovator at Good Earth. Presently also engaged in building eco communities in Vadavathoor and Karapuzha, Mathew and his team are experienced hands when it comes to building communities.

The gated community we intend is a cluster of independent villas with high security measures. Spread over 1.7 acres of land, Excel Heights provides a calm and cool atmosphere with construction limited to the absolute necessary.