Project Design

Site Planning

The house’s finely detailed bold rectilinear form is set back from the street amidst manicured lawns. The landscaping is uniquely simple, not taking away from the individuality of each home. The setbacks, respectful of the neighboring homes and careful placing of windows ensure that there are no direct or indirect views into another’s house.

Open Landscaping, Secure backyards:

With total security ensured at the front community gate, the front lawns are open and vast creating an imposing first impression. Property lines are however delineated through green fencing. With sliding iron gates securing patios on either side, each family has an enclosed backyard ensuring safety of children and pets within each compound.

Indoor /Outdoor Spaces

The line between interior and exterior is blurred with huge French windows opening into patios on both sides and dry interior landscaping. Each family is thus able to engage directly with the outside environment, or to close the place down completely, dependent on the variable Kerala climate. It turns the spatial arrangement inside out: house to courtyard, yard to house, solid to void, void to solid.

Diffused Natural Lighting

The scale, the openings and the skylights, become instruments for light capture and redirection, either diffused or of a direct nature, drawing and sprinkling with light the interior planes throughout the daylight cycle. Extensive use and clever placement of windows ensure interesting shades and shadows through the sun path.

Privacy between Homes

The forms of the building have been carefully articulated as both screening devices for privacy, and elements that frame and define views. Entire walls are taken off creating volumes or voids that frame views to green spaces. The interior courtyard acts as the extension of the public area.

Functional Elements become Bold Design Elements

The external elevation of various intersecting and overlapping boxes are not mere design elements. They in fact are vital to the protection of the house against weather elements. In varying weather and light conditions, they are functional in channeling airflow and deviating sunlight. The double heights ensure continuous air transfer leaving the house cool at all times.

Formal/Informal Living Areas

In the Indian context especially, we need homes that are flexible enough to accommodate our changing family needs. Our plans provide flexibility for growth and change, with spaces that can be opened up and connected, or closed down for more restricted and intimate use.